Recommended kitchen design and  build ideas

Island kitchen design

A kitchen makes a home, and choosing a design and layout that suits your needs might be a bit tricky. You have to consider several factors when selecting the perfect layout to ensure that you do not have to redesign a year after building your home.

 You might consider things such as;

  • Are you living alone?
  • How long do you plan on staying in the space
  • Will you be letting the space out soon?
  • What is the size of your home?
  • How much time do you spend in the kitchen?

Before you start building or converting, you should be able to answer the above questions and choose a design that will best suit you.

Kitchen design to choose from

Choosing the proper layout for your kitchen ensures that you get a functional kitchen of your choice. It’s also advisable to opt for a design that’s within your budget. Depending on the available space, there are several designs you can choose from that include the following:

  • Island kitchen design
  • U-shaped kitchen layout
  • Open kitchen design
  • L-shaped kitchen design
  • Parallel kitchen layout
  • Closed kitchen design

Island kitchen design

The island kitchen layout is the most common in modern apartments and medium-sized homes. Apart from offering functionality, the Island kitchen design is quite appealing. With modern designs and architecture, islands can bring an edgy look to your kitchen.

A kitchen island has to be functional for it to be there. Otherwise, it’ll be taking extra space. It can be used to hold the garbage bin, as storage for silverware and kitchen towels, an informal dining area, workspace, and a kitchen counter. 

Kitchen islands are best for medium-sized kitchens to avoid an overcrowded look and get enough room to move around. With a kitchen island, you’re separated from the entertainment area but interacting with the rest of the household at the same time.

Island kitchen design

U-shaped kitchen layout

The U-shaped kitchen layout is most common in Victorian and Edwardian homes. This layout is best for homes with large spaces. With a U-shaped design, all your kitchen equipment is within arm’s length reach. From your freezer, dishwasher to the kitchen sink.

The layout is also recommended for large families as the design allows many people without creating traffic. With a U-shape layout, you can add an island to your kitchen space since this design will enable you to do so.

An open kitchen layout

The open kitchen design is the most common in modern contemporary designs as it easily blends with the rest of the house. If you don’t want to feel secluded when cooking, you should opt for an open kitchen layout. You also get adequate space to place any bespoke furniture to complement the decor theme of your space. There are also many ways to ensure your bespoke furniture remains in good condition, like using coasters or mats when serving hot drinks.

An open-plan design allows natural light to flood in, making you feel more comfortable in your kitchen space. With the lack of walls separating the area, you get more room making the space look larger. Not to mention the opportunity to interact with your loved ones as you prepare a meal or even go about your chores in the kitchen.

An L-shaped kitchen design

The L-shaped design layout is best for limited spaces. They’re primarily found in studio apartments and small homes with little space. The L-shaped design allows you to use two walls as the kitchen space. 

Kitchen equipment is put against the wall with the other side serving as the kitchen counter space. If you live alone and your space is limited, you might consider an L-kitchen layout.

A parallel kitchen layout

The Parallel kitchen layout is one of the most retro designs yet super functional. It is especially common in homes with medium-sized kitchen spaces with a kitchen door either leading to the balcony or outside.

With this layout, you get the most out of the limited space with enough storage space on the walls. There is also enough lighting in the room mainly because of the door leading outside.

Closed kitchen layout

The closed kitchen layout is among the least popular designs but also quite functional. It is advantageous if you’ve got young ones who are frequently on their own. This way, you can guarantee safety as the kitchen area would be inaccessible.

Whichever design and build idea you may have, working with qualified design experts is one way to ensure that you get the best professional advice on the most suitable layout. Remember, the design you choose should guarantee functionality and bring out your style. It should also seamlessly match with the decor theme for the rest of the house. 

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How To Make An Office Furniture Move


The possibility that you may have to make an office move can be totally unexpected, and it is that although it is not an easy task, since the size of the office, the amount of furniture it contains, the time that will last without operating or working, and the number of documents that can be very important, must be moved in a delicate way, to the point that everything can reach its destination without any problem.

That’s why in this article we will tell you everything you need to know to make a successful office move.

Every move brings with it a lot of stress, and that is how to make an office move exceptionally, and without problems, you must have very good planning, and diversification of work so that without any inconvenience the office can move as it is and when you arrive be like before. The office furniture is not the most important thing that it can have, being the assets of the organization, the documents that it has, it is the most important thing that it can have since everything that would be invoices, histories, vouchers, legal documents can be the most valuable thing, and keeping and fully securing all office documents is the main job to do on the move, don’t forget – Make an inventory.

Although it is clear, every office has a number of workers, the more support you can have with company personnel, the easier the move can be, since they contribute to the organization’s move an alternative is to have an relocation project manager. If that out of budget then co worker can help. Hover professional can support in security in terms of transport, since it is no surprise to anyone that when moving is where things can disappear the most, and that is to have trained staff to conduct a good move, it may be the difference.

In order to make an office move, there are a number of recommendations that can make a move well performed and executed effectively, since it eliminates stress levels on the part of the directors, and good coordination so that everything arrives at your optimal level, we can take into account the following recommendations:

Plan The Move In Advance

UK professionals behind advise that the time is the best determinant of the move. It is that good planning of your move depending on the time you have to carry it out, with respect to the reason why it is being carried out, you must have a long time chosen which is the new one office, location, costs, and amount of personnel necessary to make a move without any problem. After an eviction, or deciding where to buy a new office space, a minimum time of 3 months to study the market and hire the staff, is enough to do good planning.

Hire A Logistics Service

Many companies offer logistics services for moving, a specialized type service where they have the knowledge and tools necessary to make moving your office the best possible way to their destination. They have transportation, jacks, manual and hydraulic trolleys, where they can carry the furniture without a problem and even ensuring each piece of furniture with any protective material so that it does not suffer any type of damage, it can have different price ranges, depending on what is being required at the time of the move.

Store Documents In Locked Filing Cabinets

Archivists are home to all types of documents, but archivists, whether metal or wood, can have locks, keys and locks, if they do not have this type, store with plastic tape, cardboard and with good security so that no drawer can be opened, either by accident or by some kind of abuse by some staff.

Report On Moving Customers From The Office

It can be overlooked and is that when making a move, you are leaving the reference point you built, it will be changed, that is why a good notification of the address where you can find our office is the most fundamental thing in a move, since without any problem you will recover the sales or services that you continued to offer, and in any case, a report in the town where you were before, that you have moved to a specific address. Important points and customer loyalty can never be forgotten, and if it is clear, it is that moving means stress at all times and you can ignore a good notification that can inform all customers, the move you are about to make.

Prepare The New Location To Enter The Move

Before the day of the move, the new premises must have a preparation, so that the move arrives and everything is in optimal conditions, actions such as fumigation, painting, arrangements, lamps, ceramics, bathrooms, windows, can have worn like any Real estate, repairing everything before the move can ensure that when everything is in place, the office is fully operational and then not having to be repairing and dirtying the new office.

It should be added, that there are a series of recommendations so that everything in the office can arrive in the best way, and although we know that a moving process is difficult, for an office it can be worse since it deserves a time of dedication, and planning so that the office cannot have much time without activity, which is crucial to maintain income and therefore, have the necessary budget to carry out the move. Although this carries a cost that may not have been taken into account or taken as planned, the office must be prepared that there will be a necessary expense, and after the move must recover this expense as soon as possible to recover liquidity, That is why, maintaining contact with customers, and repeatedly reporting on the move is enough to maintain the relationship with it and sales are maintained.

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Tips For Taking Care of Your Bespoke Furniture

Taking proper care of your bespoke furniture helps in sustaining its functionality, appearance, and also helps you enjoy and cherish it for years to come.

Here you will find suggestions on how to care about your furniture. Whose primarily materials are made from wood, such as hardwood, softwood, and natural timber. Wood is a natural material that’s prone to movements and color changes, which are as a result of variations in conditions in your property like temperature and humidity. By following these tips, you will be able to reduce the adverse effects of these variations.

Don’t Put it In Direct Sunlight

Exposing your bespoke furniture to direct sunlight for a prolonged period can have a negative effect in several ways. As one area expands more than the other, the result is differential expansion, which over time, leads to cracking. The drying from the heat also results in shrinkage, and if the sunlight is strong, your cherished furniture can bleach. As such, it is best to keep it away from direct sunlight. However, if it has to stay near a window, you can reduce the effect with blinds, shutters and shades.

Don’t Put it Near Heat Sources

Wherever possible, do not place your bespoke furniture in front of near open fires, radiators, or any other source of heat. There are several kitchen design ideas to choose from that will ensure your furniture isn’t exposed to any heat sources. The heat is not only damaging in regards to drying the furniture, but the temperature changes tend to be disruptive to the furniture’s stability.

Maintain Humidity

A huge component of the weight of a healthy piece of wood is water. As such, to maintain the wood in ideal condition, it is essential to prevent it from drying out. Keeping vases of flowers or a few plants in an inconspicuous location will help maintain ideal humidity. However, if you live in a region where the climate is dry, you may require a dehumidifier.

Always Use Mats or Coasters

Cold or hot drinks, crockery or plates should always be placed on mats or coasters and not directly on the furniture. Even a clean glass of water has the ability to cause damage as a result of moisture condensing from the air underneath and around the glass, making it to the surface and initiating discolouration.

Handle Spills Quickly

Food or drink spillages should be cleaned as fast as possible with a clean and slightly moistened cloth. You should then dry off the surface with a clean and dry cloth. If you leave spillages for any period of time, they will penetrate into the wood, and it will be impossible to remove them entirely.

Avoid Using Chemical or Abrasive Cleaners

Cleaners like cream cleaner function by removing a small layer of the material they’re applied to. If your bespoke furniture reaches a point where it requires this, then consult the maker of the piece. You should never use chemical cleaners like stain removers under any circumstance.

Wood is a great material that can be varied as the individuals that own it, due to its nature. By keeping these tips in mind, you can be certain that you’ll enjoy the furniture for years to come.

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Choosing Loft Conversion Furniture

If you’re in the process of a loft conversion, there are numerous things you’ll want to consider. One of the many things you’ll want to think about is how you plan to furnish your new loft. If you focus on choosing the right loft conversion furniture, you’ll be able to make sure the completed loft looks absolutely amazing.

Find Pieces That Are Multifunctional

It’s possible that your loft won’t be all that large. If space is at a premium, you’ll want to be sure that you use the space that you do have effectively. In the same way you’d pick a functional bedroom or kitchen design idea, you should ensure that the furniture you choose makes the most of the available space. When you’re picking out furniture pieces, you should specifically try to find pieces that can be used in more than one way.

If you invest in furniture pieces that have multiple functions, you’ll be able to purchase less furniture overall. You’ll also be able to keep your loft from feeling cramped. Picking out the right pieces can make a world of different.

Set A Clear Budget For Your Furnishings

Buying new furniture can be fairly expensive. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy quality furniture for your loft. It just means that you should set a budget before you start shopping.

If you have a budget in mind, you can make sure you use the money that you do have wisely. You may want to spend more on essential pieces like a sofa and less on something like a television stand. Think carefully about what you’d like to spend in total, and decide how you’d like to use that money.

Consider Buying Pieces On Sale

You can save a tremendous amount of money on furniture if you don’t buy pieces at full price. Instead, you should aim to buy pieces when they’re on sale. Furniture sales are very common, and if you’re able to show some patience, you’ll be able to spend much less in total.

If you’re able to buy discounted furniture, you’ll be able to get quality pieces even if you don’t have much to spend. Buying pieces when they’re on sale will also leave you with more money to spend on decor. You’ll be able to transform your loft into something special!

Converting a loft is a worthwhile project, but you won’t be able to use and enjoy that loft unless it’s properly furnished. You should think carefully about any loft conversion furniture that you want to buy. Make a point of selecting furniture that’s right for your loft.

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Top Loft Conversions Ideas To Transform Your Attic

Lofts are not just storage spaces for unused stuff in our homes – well designed lofts are often convenient spaces since they add value to your home as well as create more living space. What’s more, different loft conversions ideas help you design and transform your attic to serve your intended purpose. Whether it’s a study room, office, bathroom, storage room, these ideas will help inspire you get the most out of your conversion.

loft conversion ideas

Here are some of the most common loft conversions ideas that homeowners should try out:

Reading Nook

This is particularly applicable for small loft spaces. Limited loft space that doesn’t qualify to be a living room can be transformed into a reading nook, where you can fit a bookshelf on the wall. It can further be designed to fit any of the family members. Design your nook using bright colors and toys for your children or even incorporate pictured designs for a great look. For the adults in the house, a bookshelf on the wall and a PC would be enough to create a study room atmosphere.

Storage Spaces

Loft storage ideas can also be explored, especially by building a new closet. Master bedrooms that are connected to the loft through a staircase can inspire the idea of a beautiful walk-in closet. Installing custom cabinets along the wall could also be a brilliant idea as well as install skylights in the ceiling to allow plenty of natural light into the loft. To maximise the storage space of your loft, it is also a great idea to install sliding doors for your closets and cabinets.

Bedroom Ideas

Homeowners have several ideas to execute when it comes to converting their loft spaces to bedrooms. Creating a master suite is one of them, but is reserved for those with plenty of loft space. You can consider featuring natural wood accents and a neutral colour palette in your master bedroom. You can also consider building a sleepover room with beds that are built-in. This would definitely be extravagant but would be perfect for homeowners with a large family that visits often.

Bathroom Ideas

Your loft space could also serve as a bathroom. Having a lower ceiling should not limit you as can use it and the dormer to their advantage. You can install the shower head on the ceiling, exterior wall or the dormer and also take advantage of the natural light for a sunny and beautiful bathroom.

Loft spaces give homeowners plenty of options on how to use these converted spaces. From study rooms to storage spaces, loft spaces are vital in not only adding to the value of the house but also in offering more space for homeowners to utilize. Bedrooms and bathrooms are viable ideas for homeowners to try.

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Why You Should Consider Buying Second Hand Scandinavian Furniture in London

Are you planning on making a large furniture purchase in the future? If so, you may not want to buy new pieces from local furniture shops. Instead, second hand Scandinavian furniture shops may be a better option. There are many advantages to buying secondhand, particularly if you buy the right kinds of pieces.

Second Hand Scandinavian furniture

Scandinavian Furniture Is Built To Last

Some people are apprehensive about buying furniture that someone else has used in the past. It’s true that there are some downsides to buying used furniture, but there are also a lot of advantages. While some brand-new furniture is poorly made, most of the Scandinavian furniture you’ll find is made from high-quality materials that will last for a long time.

Why buy furniture that might fall apart after a few years of use? If you buy older furniture that has already withstood a lot, you’ll know that your furniture will last. Furthermore, buying Scandinavian-made furniture will give you access to a lot of well-made pieces.

This Furniture Can Fit Into Many Homes

When you purchase furniture, you’ll have to think about whether or not the pieces you have chosen compliment your style. If you have a modern home, you’ll want to find modern furniture to match it.

You’ll find that the furniture you see at Scandinavian secondhand shops can work well in many different homes. A lot of the pieces you’ll see are simple and fairly basic, which means they can blend in seamlessly with the other furniture pieces that you have.

Buying Secondhand Furniture Is A Fantastic Way To Save

If you’re dealing with a limited furniture budget, your first impulse may be to purchase some of the cheapest furniture you can find. However, cheap new furniture is usually poorly-made. If you’re hoping to save money, it’s much smarter to buy your furniture secondhand.

Secondhand pieces are deeply discounted, which means you’ll be able to afford some beautifully made pieces. You’ll be able to invest in high-quality furniture that you can enjoy for many years, and you won’t have to spend a fortune to do it. Why buy new when you can get more for your money by shopping secondhand?

Take a closer look at second hand Scandinavian furniture shops to see what kinds of pieces are available. Think about how these pieces would fit in with the rest of your home. There are numerous advantages to buying secondhand furniture, and there are many high-quality pieces available.

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